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Mikuni HSR:

You can see the top cover has a different design compared to the genuine. Also you can locate the size of the carbure-

tor and the “Mikuni” logo on the genuine while the fake carburetor doesn’t show it at all. The fake carb is missing the “Assembled in

Mexico” decal.

Genuine PWK:

A serial number is lightly imprinted below

the PWK mark. The hoses should be a dark pink PLAS

TECH hose. A “Motorcycle Race Use Only” label will be

placed below the Keihin logo. Also various Quality Control

marks should be visible. Genuine Keihin Jets should also

have the jet size imprinted to the jet.

Copy PWK:

A copy of the PWK carburetor will have an unmarked light

hose. The serial number will be darker than the genuine carburetor. There’s

no label indicating that the carburetor is for “Motorcycle Race Use Only” and

a “SUDOO” decal is placed below the Keihin logo instead of a “Sudco” decal.

You will also notice that there won’t be any black, green, and orange Quality

Control marks. The jets and needles tend to be unmarked in these type of

carburetors as well.

Mikuni VM:

Here is a

comparison between a

Genuine and a copy of

a Mikuni VM carbure-

tor. The fake carbu-

retor has the “Minkui”

imprinted on the top

and side of the carbu-

retor. On a genuine

carburetor you will ind

the “Mikuni” logo. Also

you will notice that the

fake carburetor doesn’t

have the “NOT FOR


and the anchor plates.

The way the fake car-

buretor was designed

is completely different

from the genuine one.

You can see that there

are extra openings and



in Mexico

decal is



Mikuni logo

is on the

side of the


Size of the

carb is

shown here

You can see

the size of the


engraved to

the side of the


Genuine vs Copy Carburetors