MaxFlow Velocity Stacks

005-264B, Max Airflow Velocity Stacks with Screen
Max Airflow Velocity Stacks with Screen
Designed for the special needs of Off-Road, Supermotard, Road
Racing and Shifter Racers. These smooth, precision machined bored
velocity stacks produce optimum air pressure, improving the maximum
air flow to the carburetor. Choose from anodized blue or polished
chrome. Available for Mikuni and Keihin carburetors listed. Sold each.
Carb Brand Type/Size Carb OEM Ref.
(Bell Size)
Mikuni VM18mm 32mm 005-263B 005-263C
Mikuni VM/TM20-22/24/26/28mm 44mm 005-264B 005-264C
Kehin/Mikuni PE/TM/VM30/32/34MM 58mm 005-265B 005-265C
Kehin/Mikuni TMX/PE/TM/VM27-38mm
62mm 005-266B 005-266C
Mikuni TM36-68 54mm 005-267B 005-267C
Mikuni HS42, HS45, HS48 65mm 005-268B 005-268C
Mikuni HS40-6 56mm 005-269B 005-269C

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