Three Bond Products

  • Plastic Repair Kit
  • White Silicone Liquid Gasket
  • Clear Silicone Liquid Gasket
  • Case Sealant Liquid Gasket
  • Watercraft Contact Cement
  • Super Glue Gel
  • Super Glue (Liquid)
  • Mat Adhesive
  • Engine Gloss
  • Anaerobic Thread Lock
  • Spoke Tight
  • Hylomar Gasket Maker and Thread Sealant
  • Epoxy-Putty
  • HV-350 Adhesive
  • Valco RTV Silicone
  • Tube Grip Dispenser

  • Threebond Plastic Repair KitPlastic Repair Kit TB1743
    Repair, don't replace!
    The Plastic Repair Kit quickly and economically repairs broken and cracked hard to bond plastics, fairings, mounting tabs, watercraft/snowmobile hoods and brackets. Plastics such as: Polypopylene, Polyethylene, Polyacetal and ABS are now possible to repair. Simple to use and no mixing required. Kit includes: glue, primer, accelerator, glue remover, sand paper, fiberglass and application sticks.
    Order No. 800-150
    Replacement Glue: 800-151
    Accelerator: 800-152

    Super Glue Gel & Super Glue (liquid)Super Glue Gel TB1762B
    A thixotropic gel that has many of the same properties as the Super Glue, but is suitable for large clearance areas and porous materials such as leather. When applied, the gel stays in place and will not run.
    Order No. 800-107

    Super Glue (liquid)
    A cyanoacrylate based, instant high strength adhesive which attains practical use strength in a matter of seconds. Excellent for non-pourous materials including rubber, metal, plastic and glass.
    Order No. 800-105

    Mat Adhesive TB1762BQMat Adhesive TB1762BQ
    The mat adhesive that the factories use and recommend. A one component, high strength mat adhesive for sit down personal watercraft. One tube takes care of all your mat bonding needs.
    Order No. 800-109

    Engine GlossEngine Gloss
    This unique acrylic paint formula protects the external engine, running gear components, brushed aluminum and chrome from corrosion, rust, oil, salt water and oxidation. A must for detail conscious owners who insist on absolute perfection in all their performance machines. Reduces clean up time, reconditions metal and increases the resale value. A good degreaser is recommendded prior to applying.
    Order No. 800-115

    Anaerobic Thread LocksAnaerobic Thread Lock
    No matter what locking properties are required, one of ThreeBond's thread lock products will get the job done. All of these threadlocks inhibit the development of rust, leaks, corrosion, and are not affected by oils, chemicals, salt water, or most solvents when cured.
    Low Strength: Frequent removal (TB1342): Order No. 800-120 / 800-121
    Medium Strength: Bearing & Stud (TB1333): Order No. 800-124 / 800-125
    High Temperature: Extreme Temperatures (TB1360): Order No. 800-128 / 800-129

    Spoke Tight TB1361D
    Three Bond's Spoke Tight sets spoke nipples snug while protecting threads from rust and corrosion. Drip control nozzle for easier applications.
    Order No. 800-135

    Hylomar Gasket Maker and Thread SealantHylomar Gasket Maker and Thread Sealant
    Valco's involvement in professional auto racing led to the discovery of their new Tube-Grip Sealant System. Hylomar can be used as either a gasket dressing or a gasket maker. It is non-hardening and is impervious to chemicals such as fuels, oils and antifreeze. It makes an excellent dressing for any cut gasket where temperatures remain below 600 degrees F. The prodcut will form a complete gasket by itself when sealing a gap of less than 0.010 inch between precision machined surfaces. A Hylomar-treated joint can be disassembled, inspected, and reassembled without reapplication.
    Tube: Order No. 800-530
    Brush-cap Can: Order No. 800-531

    HV-350<small>TM</small> AdhesiveHV-350 Adhesive
    This multipurpose adhesive virtually outperforms any glue, epoxy or silicone on the market today. "HV" stands for high vibration. It's tremendous elasticity allows it to work in high vibration applications, such as repairing a broken tail light. HV-350 is sandable and paintable, highly abrasion resistant and flexible. This glue can be used on highly porous surfaces such as foam rubber and fiberglass, and on non pourous surfaces such as glass, plastic, and metal.
    Order No. 800-500

    White Silicone Liquid GasketWhite Silicone Liquid Gasket TB1211
    A free flowing, low viscosity, one compound RTV silicone rubber. TB1211 is ideal for places where long, faultless seal is critical. Recommended for sealing flange surfaces and screw sections to prevent oil, water, gasoline and chemical leaks. TB1211 is effective over a wide temperature range, -76 degrees to 482 degrees F. Tack free in 90 minutes; fully cured in 24 hours. Recommended for automotive, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile and ATV engines.
    Order No. 800-212

    Clear Silicone Liquid GasketClear Silicone Liquid Gasket TB1212C

    A low odor, fast setting, non slumping paste that cures at room temperature to a rubbery solid. This multi-purpose RTV silicone sealant can be used in numerous bonding and sealing applications such as: pumps, gearboxes, marine cabins, windows, and electrical boxes.
    Order No. 800-213

    Case Sealant Liquid GasketCase Sealant Liquid Gasket TB1104

    A synthetic rubber, that is a semi-drying, visco-elastic sealer which is resistant to oil, water, gasoline, and chemicals. Application areas include sealing transmission case covers, motorcycle cases, timing chain cases, side covers, 2-piece cylinders, clutch housing bolts and oil filter mounting surfaces.
    Order No. 800-100

    Watercraft Contact CementWatercraft Contact Cement TB1521

    A multi-purpose, rubber based adhesive that gives excellent bonding characteristics to a wide variety of materials including rubber, plastic, vinyl, metal, leather and more. TB1521 provides a strong waterproof bond which makes it ideal for adhering mats to stand up personal watercraft. Sets up within 5-10 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.
    Order No. 800-111

    This is a steel-reinforced putty. Before you throw away that broken part, take a look at Valco's Epoxy-Putty. It's a kneadable product that mixes like putty, bonds like epoxy, and hardens like steel. It is extremely tough and durable and adheres to a wide range of metals as well as PVC, plastic, ceramic, fiberglass, glass, and wood. Epoxy-Putty will set up under water, is impervious to chemicals, and has shelf life of three years. After one hour, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, machined, etc. Cured Epoxy-Putty will withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F.
    Order No: 800-540

    Valco RTV SiliconeValco RTV Silicone
    Valco has simplified their silicone product line to one premium grade RTV silicone that does it all. RTV Silicone is oxygen sensor safe, has a low volatility rating, is usable from -80 to 600 degrees F, and is solvent resistant. Choose from Aluminum or Clear.
    Alum.Order No: 800-510
    ClearOrder No: 800-511

    Tube-Grip DispenserTube Grip Dispenser
    Valco's Tube Grip Dispensing handle will improve the handling and dispensing of RTV Silicone gasket makers or any material supplied in a flexible tube. Tube-Grip dispenses the material more accurately, which means less waste. Tube-Grip provides a wider variety of dispensing patterns, and uses 35% more of the material before the tube is discarded as empty.
    With RTV Alum. Order No: 800-520
    With RTV Clear Order No: 800-521

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